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Many travel agencies and tour operators want to do online sales but sometimes have limited budgets. Bespoke solutions with complex back-office integrations are often out of reach.


NetMatch developed an e-commerce platform and multi-tenant website which enables both travel agencies and tour operators to sell travel products in a B2C and/or B2B environment. This e-commerce platform is optimized to run multiple clients, each with their own look & feel and specific feature list. Depending on budget it can be decided to apply more or less customization, in any case, each client can benefit from the extended options already available within the platform (performance, SEO optimization, responsive/adaptive behavior, search, price features, ability to push products, personalization, etc.).

Both dynamic packaged products and tour operator products (packages, hotels, flights, roundtrips) are integrated in the platform. Per client, NetMatch can configure which tour operator and which of their products can be found and sold online.

The solution is implemented with a micro-service architecture and hosted in Kubernetes on Google Cloud. By taking advantage of cloud benefits such as automatic scaling and serverless functions we guarantee high performance with low hosting costs.