Albatros customer review


Ratings & Reviews empowers customers to share their opinions and experiences creating a richer, more relevant experience for every visitor. Albatros was searching for a partner, providing an out of the box tool for handling reviews and ratings.


Albatros choice was Ratings & Reviews product from Bazaarvoice, integrated as external tool on the website. We integrated the product, providing Bazaarvoice with all the necessary info on Albatros products used to process reviews.

The main features implemented:
  • Show the average rating by loading data from Bazaarvoice to our system
  • Show the review details on the product page by retrieving data from Bazaarvoice through their API
  • Create the export feed by retrieving data from the search index, process it and sent it back to Bazaarvoice. The feed contains information about the products, with links, pictures, etc.