Corendon is a well-known Dutch tour operator providing beach holidays to its customers for an affordable price. A NetMatch development team takes care of all front-end development (incl. UX), complex back-end data integration work and hosting. Corendon already entrusts NetMatch with their mission critical systems for more than 15 years.


Corendon had two applications that were similar in functionality but were designed for different types of devices: desktop and mobile. This gave the advantage that they could optimize specifically for the screen sizes these applications were used on, but one of the downsides was that they were maintaining two applications and it was hard to keep them aligned (which is important for your Google SEO ranking).

Over time, Corendon realized that it was important to move to one application and to optimize on screen size by building it responsive and adaptive. This was a project with significant risks, so an agile and step by step approach was chosen, moving from template to template. During this project, other new features and functionalities were continuously rolled out as well.


NetMatch entrusted a dedicated team of designers, developers, testers and system administrators with this challenge and soon we had a responsive and adaptive website running for Corendon, built with the latest technologies (Bootstrap, VueJS, .NET Core, NodeJS) that was faster and more accessible to the internet users on all devices. Corendon's Google SEO ranking improved and as a result they received more visitors, sales and a solution with a lower maintenance cost that also allows to develop and deliver new features faster than before.