FocusCura cContact

FocusCura market leader in the field of home health-care in the Netherlands entrusts NetMatch with one of their core products cContact. The remote care platform, that includes video call functionality, is being technically modernized and migrated into the Azure cloud. In phase 2 new features and functional enhancements will be implemented to their web and native mobile apps.


The remote care solution of FocusCura, cContact, was developed several years ago and was in need of an upgrade to improve user experience. FocusCura wanted their remote care video call solution to be migrated from AWS to Azure and add various new features to their web and mobile app environments to improve usability for both (remote) care giver and caretaker.


The NetMatch Scrum team started with the migration from AWS to Microsoft Azure which allowed us to get familiar with the current solution. And after several optimizations and new features to web, IOS and Android applications we improved the remote care experience for various users (client, caregiver, care organization admin).


NetMatch was able to realize the migration to Microsoft Azure and to solve known connectivity issues and bugs within allocated time. The release in the IOS app store and Google Play Store went smoothly as the FocusCura customer care center received no messages from users reporting any issues with the new version of the cContact application.