Rhomberg IP Recognition


Rhomberg is a multi-market (Austria, Switzerland, Germany) and multi-language (German/French) tour operator. For the German market, Rhomberg had the challenge that the cheapest prices displayed on their website were mostly based on flights from Berlin while the majority of their customers were living close to the Austrian border. This mismatch had a negative effect on conversion.


By implementing an IP recognition feature it was possible to determine the location of the visitors. Based on this information the nearest departure airports were selected, allowing Rhomberg Reisen to display more relevant prices for their website visitors.

This feature was also extended to determine the source market in order to redirect visitors automatically to their correct market. This was useful because there was quite some traffic on their main domain that actually came from specific market that had it's own specific website available.

Because of better matching of customers, products and prices, Rhomberg Reisen achieved a better conversion.