SalesForce Platform



Working with a big client like Corendon always provides opportunities and challenges. One of them was migrating the existing historical and current data of the Corendon bookings into the SalesForce platform. We were required to come up with a solid solution that would run in the cloud and will act as a central communication node between the on-premise Corendon data and the SalesForce platform data while also being highly available, secure, cost effective and fault tolerant. To weight in a little bit more complexity the data also needs to be adapted to the target system requirements and the flow is bi-directional between the two locations.


We developed a middleware solution with several decoupled components, decoupling being ensured by using Azure Service Bus. Components that send data from on-premise to SalesForce were built on .NET Core and are running inside a Linux Docker container (they can basically run anywhere with a minimum amount of resources). The data conversion was archived by using Azure Functions. This scenario was also a perfect match for the Azure API Management service that was used to securely handle the SalesForce API calls to insert and receive new/updated data. The solution can handle at this point thousands of messages per minute