Tom fulfillment automation

Client: Dutch Travel Services


Margins in Tourism are razor thin. For a virtual tour operator to be able to compete in the market you need efficient systems to fulfill bookings.


NetMatch developed a MidOffice system, TOM, that handles the entire fulfillment process for bookings of a virtual tour operators. The system has automated the most common scenarios such that the majority of bookings are processed without human intervention.
The system includes tracking of booking statuses and their individual components, generating and sending of travel documents, generating and sending of sales invoices, managing purchase invoices and managing bank/credit card transactions. At the same time the system ensures the entire financial administration is tracked in a general ledger.

The TOM solution consists out of 20+ .NET Core microservices which are split based on business domains (booking/agency/banking/vouchers/etc). Services communicate/integrate with each other using direct HTTP API calls and by using events. Services create event notifications when their internal data changes and any other service can subscribe to these events. The event messaging infrastructure is facilitated by RabbitMQ.