Tom travel organization module

Automate your fulfillment process and save costs

Are you dealing with increasing labour costs due to the growing complexity of your fulfillment process? Our Travel Organisation Module (TOM) helps you save money by automating your fulfillment workflow and reducing error in your mid office operation.

TOM is a web based fulfillment system that automates all tasks from booking to accounting for any (virtual) tour operator. It automates the workflow that creates receipts, confirmations and invoices to both customers and suppliers of all sorts. TOM can be customized to the specific needs of each customer to achieve operational excellence. With only a few employees a large volume of bookings can be processed with little effort and maximum efficiency.

An additional benefit of using TOM is that it's integrated quality control significantly reduces error volumes and time spend identifying and correcting errors in the whole fulfillment and bookkeeping process.

Available Process Automation features:

  • Automatic import of booking data (manual upload available if needed)
  • Commission and fee calculation for travel agents and suppliers
  • Automatic generation and sending of travel documents/vouchers for travelers
  • Automatic creation and sending of invoices to agents (accounts receivable)
  • Import of incoming invoices (accounts payable)
  • Bank statement imports (CAMT053) with automatic bank balance checks
  • Automatic invoice matching and quality control with batch payments
  • Notifications of outstanding invoices
  • Sending of overdue invoice reminders
  • Detailed order and payment history
  • Quality control of order placement (i.e. missing customer data, overdue outstanding payment balance)
  • External communication with agents and suppliers via email and/or direct connect (API, XML)
  • GDPR compliant
  • And many more mid-office tasks that you most likely normally do manually (please do ask us).
  • Exports to external systems like BAS, Bewotec Davinci, etc.


TOM contains a very powerful accounting module that automates all relevant bookkeeping task related to bookings for any company selling travel online or offline.

Available Bookkeeping Automation features:

  • Automatic creation of journal entries (journaalposten)
  • Automatic creation of itemized general ledger account numbers (grootboeknummers)
  • Automatic export to external accounting systems like AFAS, Exact (manual generation available)
  • Automatic commission, fee, tax VAT (BTW) calculation and allocation.
  • Automatic generation of payment records for vendor/supplier payment (bank export)
  • Various reports for financial auditing purposes